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Services & Prices

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What we charge:

(Inclusive of detergents and equipment and depending on distance and size)

  • Small 1 bedroom flat – From R 350
  • Small 2 bedroom flat – From R 450
  • Large 1 bedroom flat – From R 400
  • Large 2 bedroom flat – From R 600
  • House / Apartment 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom – From R 650
  • House/ Apartment 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, dining room and lounge – From R 750

Extra rooms i.e. Braai, TV, Lounge, Spa – R 100 to R150 each subject to size. (4×5 m)Surcharge

Note: Substandard homes, badly maintained homes – R 100 to R 250 Surcharge each. Unmaintained ovens R 100 extra

Washing walls with sugar soap for average 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house R 300, subject to quote.


Ceilings – Quoted separately

Mildewed ceilings and walls as per extra quote on site.


Payment for once off type cleans are requested to be in cash at the start of a clean, unless other arrangements have been made in advance.

Payments for Regular clients, advanced month end bookings, public holidays and Sundays as they are in advance can be cash, EFT of direct deposit to our bank account.

Keeping you satisfied

Molly Maid strives to provide a professional cleaning service to our clients.

In the case of a client that is not satisfied with our service, please contact our offices as soon as possible and preferably before the end of the shift. This will enable us to rectify the situation immediately.

If one molly is not the right one for you let us know and we will send another the next time.

We want to give you the results you want.

If you are happy, so are we.

Make your home a grime free zone with our experienced grime preventers. (Molly)