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What Molly Maids Services Offer.

Molly Maids as an executive cleaning service strive to give our clients a thorough, effective and pleasant cleaning experience, be it as a once off or in the case of our regular clients time after time.

Our regular clients, of which a number go as far back as seven years with us, are the backbone of our exclusive cleaning business and the reason for our existence.

Our Spring clean and Pre or Post move clean clients often become our regular on-going clients.

Our experienced, capable and friendly mollies are required to offer you as the client the service you want and deserve.

As a norm our regular customers prefer to provide their own cleaning equipment and detergents. Should you want Molly Maid to provide all or any of the equipment, we will gladly do so – Just ask us.

Should you require detergents, a kit be provided at an additional charge and be dropped off with the molly. The booking form will enable you to request detergents.

The Molly Maid Standard Clean comprises of:

The oven, hob and microwave will be cleaned inside and out. All work surfaces, sinks and taps are sanitised and wiped dry, leaving them sparkling clean. Fridge, freezer and cupboard doors are wiped down and left spotless. The floor is thoroughly washed and wiped dry.

The toilet, bath, basin and or shower, are all sanitised and wiped off. This includes taps and handle Mirrors will shine. The floor will be washed and dried. Time permitting the wall tiles will be wiped down.

All rooms are dusted and wiped as necessary. Attention is given to the windowsills, doors, door frames and skirting boards as well as ornaments and photo frames and paintings.

Carpets are vacuumed and tiled or wooden floors swept and mopped. Light furniture will be moved to clean under it and where possible space wise we will clean under heavy furniture as this can’t be moved.

We give you our client more @ no additional cost.

Time permitting, our mollies will also iron and or clean windows or even blinds.

As a norm a molly works up to a 7 hr. work shift and will do any general domestic work, over and above a standard clean or instead of some of the standard tasks to ensure your individual requirements are catered for within the timeframe.

Regular clients can benefit even more by requesting some tasks or chores they would normally be saddled with to be done by the molly, either instead of or alternating with standard tasks.

Some options would include:

Cleaning and repacking of cupboards.  Cleaning the inside of the fridges. Sweeping the patios and or the garage. Cleaning the braai. Washing patio furniture.

That should be enough to bring a smile to your face. Just ask us and we will gladly help with all reasonable requests.


  • Ironing – For your own benefit and that of your clothing a molly is only permitted to use a steam iron that is in good working condition.
  • Washing machines and dish washers may only be used if you have trained and instructed the molly on how to use the equipment. As we are not a laundry service any washing undertaken is done so at the risk of the client.
  • Clients should prioritise tasks as allocated to a molly to ensure the most important things are completed first. The shift can only be extended with an additional cost (overtime charge) and if the molly is able to continue to work.

Keeping, it real:

  • It is all about expectations – If a client’s expectations are realistic, the client will be satisfied and so will the molly and Molly Maids.
  • On the other hand if there are unrealistic expectations, it is impossible to have a win/win situation and no one will be happy with the outcome.

Facts to consider:

  • The size, condition and circumstances of a property to be cleaned will directly influence the amount of molly (man) hours and quantity of detergents needed.
  • As a norm one molly can undertake a standard clean in a normal home with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, lounge and kitchen in a work shift.
  • The same property will require 3 mollies and double the detergents for a Pre or Post move clean. Costs increase proportionally.

Industry norms

An end of tenancy clean will require double the time needed for a standard clean.

  • The following will require up to triple the time of a standard clean. Spring cleans, renovation or after build cleans, a neglected property or working around other service providers and contractors.
  • In cleaning you always get what you pay for. Quality service and workers cost a little more. In the end it is worth the difference. As we strive to satisfy our valued customers to the best of our ability and build strong lasting customer relationships.

What a Molly Maid Pre or Post Move comprises of:

EXTERIOR:  (Optional high pressure clean to be quoted on)

  • Sweeping of patios, balconies and yards.
  • Removing cobwebs around windows and doors.
  • Cleaning of easily reachable windows and frames.
  • Cleaning braai and braai area.

INTERIOR: (Optional sugar soap wash of walls to be quoted on)

Washing marks on internal walls, doors, handles and light switches. Wiping down window frames, windowsills, skirting boards, burglar bars, curtain rails/ rods, fans, cornice boards, bells and electric and or meter box and light fittings. Sweeping and mopping of flooring. Vacuum carpets. Cleaning of cupboards inside, outside and on top. Oven inside, door and outside. Hob rings and around switches and extractor sides, underneath and top. Including walls and or tiles around stove. (Filter is not replaced or washed)

Wash and wipe down all Bathroom basins, showers, baths, mirrors, handles and glass doors. Wiping down of tiles and or walls. (Ceilings and steam clean optional extra) Sugar soap wash of walls extra.

All sections relevant to a standard clean included.